Organization time

Currently, I am in the process of organizing my recipes. In light of the recent death of my daddy, and last year, my grandma, it became apparent to me that if our family recipes were not written down and shared, the would be forever lost. For example, my dads “famous” fudge recipe. A long time ago, when he was still able to write and remember things, he gave me a copy of his fudge recipe, with all the fun a bloop of this a a gloop of that (his humor in teaching me to cook). I lost the recipe sometime in my move from Nashville to Charleston, and by then he could not remember nor had the interest to cook anymore. This year, I made some fudge, since he always liked to have fudge around the holidays, and it was close, but I felt something was missing. Maybe it was just him that was missing.

Some family recipes are treasured and loved. Some family recipes need to be thrown away. Some family recipes need to be passed on to others, all in the love of food!

As I am frugal, spending hundreds of dollars on cookbooks would just not work for me. So I searched the web for a recipe database site. My search stopped at Even though I do not live in the mid-west, the site has a great cookbook builder, and its free! You can add recipes by categories that you can customize, and it is very user friendly with no templates to configure. You can also add photos. One neat thing about the cookbook is that is can be printed, or even viewed online as a printed cookbook. So one day if a deal pops up for some free printing, then I will be ready.

For now, I am inspired to organize my recipe collection, so that more family recipes are not lost. So before I start my meal planning for February (I still have a weeks worth of dinner in the freezer, thats the great thing about freezer cooking) I want to have my recipes more organized and in one place. While most of my recipes I have memorized, there are a few that I have to reference to when preparing. I purchased a heavy duty binder, some sheet protectors, and page dividers. A couple of hours (or days) later and some creativity, I hope to have a nice and neat cookbook to keep my cherished recipes safe. One day I hope my kids will fight over who gets moms cookbook. Just kidding.

Please share how you organize (or don’t organize lol) your recipes!


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