Back to the Basics, Homemade Laundry Detergent

hen we took a look at our spending, and saw a budget was desperately needed, I had to make a budget for the grocery shopping too. One of the basic principle of saving money is to track your spending, for a month for two, so you can see where the money is going, and where you can cut back. In my house we were spending 5% of our monthly budget just on laundry. When that doesn’t really seem to be a lot, remember its the savings on the little things that will add up to big savings.

I spend less than a dollar to make detergent that will last me about six months. When I told my mother in law, she said no way! I started making my detergent last year. I made my first batch with my mom who was visiting us during Christmas and taking a well deserved break from the cold. The ingredients cost me $6. Six months later, in June, it was time to make more. Since I already had the main ingredients, my only out of pocket cost $1 for the bar of soap, which I only use half.

Here is the recipe, adjusted to a smaller size, based on the Duggar family (19 Kids and counting)

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Homemade Laundry Soap:

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But grocery stores are so expensive!

But grocery stores are so expensive!
I dont know how many times I thought that, justifying my weekly trips to Walmart, thinking I was saving money by “one stop shopping.” And, yes, I was saving, I was limiting my impulse buys to none, which helped tremendous. However, I KNEW I could do better.

We had purchased our first home, right in the middle of suburbia, which was a big change from the 3 acres in the country. It was a good change for my wallet, as I rediscovered grocery stores.

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Saving Money, The Basics Part 2

Two words: Impulse shopping.

We’ve all done it, and I’m sure that retailers bet that we will. You know, you go to the store for milk and bread and come out with $50 worth of groceries? Every store lays out the merchandise in a way that makes us buy, and buy more. From gas stations to grocery stores, from department stores to Walmart (who by the way is the leading in merchandising) it is key in the way the stores are set up. For example, staples items like milk, and bread, are allways located at the back of the store, so that you have to walk through the store and see the great “sales” and bright images tempting you to buy.

My sister gave me a bit of wisdom that is very true. She said “The key to saving money is saying NO to 99 percent of purchases.” We are enticed with purchases everyday, hundreds of times a day. Keep the money in your pocket by not putting it in the other guys pocket.

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Saving Money, The Basics Part 1

Everyone wants to save money. It makes sense with the old saying, work smarter, not harder right? Well, the food manufacturers and grocery stores want to make money. How do we as consumers beat the big food giants? By being smart!

Think about the last time you were in a grocery store. The rich deli and bakery smells waffing through the air, making your stomach growl as the clock ticks closer to dinner time. Sure how easy it would be to just grab something from the deli, like a rotisseri chicken for example (at my local Bilo is usually $6.99). They know how to get us! If we have a plan already in place, we will easily not spend $10-$11 at the deli because we have ran out of time.

So how do we beat this game?


Welcome to Cooking With Coupons, a place where recipes and meal planning meet extreme couponing.

about me and the site:

I am a SAHM (stay at home mom, and loving it) and known by my family and friends as the frugal one. Two years ago, my husband and I realized how much money we were spending, and really had nothing to show for it all. We decided to follow God’s prinicples and along with the Crown Financial Money Map coaching techniques have embarked on a journey to become better stewards of God’s blessing.
So, we had to cut back, and start a budget. This was so hard for me, as for years, while I was still what I considered a savvy shopper, I did not know how I would be able to make it on $100 a week. That weekly budget was put to test, ripped apart, glued back together, stompped on, cried over, and now laughed about.
When we first started a budget, the prospect of being able to feed my family, and pay for our outings, gasoline, and clothing, was daunting. I started by reading blogs and articles on how to save money, budgeting, and how other families are frugal. I have learned a great deal during this journey, and I think one of the biggest things for me, was not to beat your self up about not meeting a budget. The first week I spent $150, and so the next week didn’t have enough to buy my favorite shampoo and get milk. Needless to say, the cow won. After that, I saw that if I did not plan out my spending, I was going to be in bad shape. And that is where meal planning started.
I have come a long way from those first few weeks, and now, since I have started coupon this spring it has opened a whole new wave of saving. I cannot stress the importance of meal planning, and how this will save money. Using meal planning and couponing, I have now cut my grocery costs over 75% of my budget!