Waffles! I smell waffles!

Donkey: We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I’m making waffles!

Donkey: Ooh, charades! I see a chocolate waffle with cinnamon swirls.

Shrek: There’s a stack of freshly made waffles in the middle of the forest! Don’t you find that a wee bit suspicious?

Donkey: And I thought the waffle fairy was just a bedtime story!





My sons favorite character in the Shrek movie series is Donkey, who has a strange love for waffles. Not that loving waffles is strange, just that a donkey that loves waffles is strange. Sometimes, waffles and pancakes are the only thing my four year old wants to eat. While I dont mind making waffles or pancakes, I do not like having to clean the Belgium waffle maker every morning. So, heres my easy peasy way of avoiding that, while satisfying my familys love of waffles and pancakes.

Items needed:

A waffle iron, or for pancakes a large skillet or griddle (if you dont have one, check craigslist, ebay, amazon for cheap deals)
Krusteaz Pancake Mix (you can buy this in 10 lb bags at Walmart for about $7, or just stock up when they are on sale)
A cookie sheet
Freezer bags
wax paper (empty cereal bags work great if you like to repurpose and recycle)
Butter (to grease pan or waffle iron)

Mix pancake mix according to package instructions – 2 cups pancake mix, 1 1/4 cup water, 2 tbsp oil (completely optional). Grease iron or skillet with small amount of butter. Cook on waffle iron just until waffles start to brown lightly. For pancakes, cook on each side till lightly brown. Place waffles or pancakes on cookie sheet, making sure they lay flat. Flash freeze by placing in freezer for 15-20 minutes or until they are firm. Place in ziplock freezer bags, placing wax paper in between to keep them from sticking.

To reheat:
Place frozen waffle or pancake in toaster and toast for 2 minutes or until warm. Serve with fresh fruit, butter, or honey (in stead of syrup).

Get creative with the waffles and pancakes! Some easy add-in ideas: Frozen blueberries, raspberries, strawberries. Sliced bananas, Nestle chocolate chips, nuts, pumpkin and cinnamon.

Photos coming soon…


OMAC for small freezers

Want to try OMAC? Dont have a deep freezer? You can do it!

There’s no need running out and buying a deep freezer, just another applicance to add to the rising electric bill, even though I know my hubby would love to have one! Depending on what your current stock in your freezer is like, you should be able to fit everything just nicely.

First things first. As mentioned on many websites and book on OMAC, prep is key to making sure your cooking day runs smoothly. That should include cleaning out your fridge and freezer. Organize your freezer items by type, such as stack boxes together, place bags of veggies or ziplock bags on the same shelf. I prefer to keep my raw meats on the bottom (im just weird like that I worry about dripping meat juice even though its frozen). Access what is old and needs to be tossed or composted, and evaluate how much room you have left over. It may be that you only have enough room for a week worth of meals. But a weeks worth of not cooking and enjoying more time with family is good enough for me!