I finally got a Kitchen-Aid!

I finally got a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer!

Or mixer machine as little J calls it. My husband had been wanting to get me one of these for a long time. Being that he is a man and men like to have the most powerful tools, he got me the Kitchen-Aid Professional 600. This baby is 6 qts, 575 hp, and can handle up to 14 cups of flour!   Now what in the world am I going to make that calls for 14 cups of flour?? Well, I think in the years to come I will appreciate fully its raw power to handle that all. We got a sweet deal on black friday online so I am glad we waited, and that he takes his time to do the research.

So now what do I do with it? Seeing that it cost more than twice my weekly grocery budget, I am feeling the need to use it for EVERYTHING to sort of justify its cost (golly am I really that bad that I have a justify a gift? sheesh). The first month I came up with a few things this mixer is great for making my life easier. Like pulling chicken, or pie making. I think the mixer needs its own page here. I am going to come up with 101 useful and time saving things the mixer is great for and post them here. Obviously, as the mixer comes with a cookbook, there are already some ideas there like basics, making bread, making cookies etc. I am going to try to look out side the box and get creative with this gal. Lets see just what she can do!

  1. Making frosting (main reason I wanted one of these!)
  2. Make eggnog
  3. Pulling chicken (instead of having to shred it with forks, use the paddle and mix on low)
  4. Mashing beans for homemade refried beans (use paddle and mix till desired consistency)
  5. Mixing pie crust (use paddle just don’t over mix) instead of using fork or pastry blender
  6. Make coolwhip/dream whip
  7. Look nice in my kitchen (okay so that’s not really useful but it should be here because it DOES look great sitting there!)
  8. Homeschool Projects: Dinosaur Eggs
  9. Another Homeschool Project: Volcano

I feel the need to bake something!

More to come…..