Bilo Trip 2/6/11

Usually Bilo is reserved for those quick trips, or milk (love fuel perks) since it is right by my house. Not my favorite store, but I will shop there. We stopped by on our way home from Publix and grabbed a few things. I pretty much figured that they would be out of the tortilla shells, and salsa, so I got a few rainchecks and will patiently wait for Tuesdays truck.

2 x Deerpark Water 24 pack, BOGO $5.99 ($2.99 each)
– 2 x $1.00 printable
Pay $1.99 each

2 x Casa Fiesta Green Chilli 4oz, BOGO $1 (40.50 each)
– 2 x $0.25 (doubles to $0.500 Printable
Cost: Free

Red Kidney Beans $1.29 (for Chili Dip)
Not on sale, and no coupon, but sometimes you buy what you need (or should that be want? lol)

Total Spent $5.27 ($5.35 with tax)

Total saved $10

Not too bad of a deal, though I am sure that using the bpa free water bottle for my husband for work lunch would be more earth friendly and cheaper. I love having bottle water on hand for the summer season, and for traveling (which I hope is coming up soon!). I freeze the bottles, and place them in a small purse sized cooler I have and is great so I dont have to stop and pay $1.50 a bottle on the road!


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