Coupons should not expire…

Today was 74 degrees! While the high in WV was barely 35, I cant help be thankful for the the warm days ahead. I have never seen so many kids out in the neighborhood, as if they were being held captive all winter long. We had a blast. My husband and I washed the car, while Josh played with the neighborhood kids. He made some new friends, and after the sun had gone down, I was reminded that it is still winter and spring is still 49 days away as I felt that familiar winter cold air. He was so excited, and when we came inside told me that we should play again tomorrow. Guess what the forecast is for tomorrow? Yup. Rain. For the next five days!

Well its the end of the month anyway, which for me means time to clean out the coupons. Usually on the last day of the month or the first of the month, however you look at it, I go through my binder and clean out the expired coupons. I think coupons should not expire. When I first started couponing it agonized me to get rid of good coupons. It still bothers me, but I just keep reminding me that there will be more coupons for the same items, and hopefully next go round they will be a higher value and will have a sale within the coupon expiration.

I have a duplex binder I purchased at staples and it works great for my needs. It still needs some tweaking, but it is evolving with me and our family’s needs. I keep the clipped coupons in baseball holders on one side, and whole inserts on the other, three hole punched (which is where the tweaking is needed). Instead of clipping ALL the coupons, like I used to, I will keep the inserts whole for a period of three months, and at the end of the month, I will clip the oldest month. This way, its much easier to find the coupons when preparing for a trip, and I am not stuck clipping all those coupons every week.

I keep thinking though, if coupons didn’t expire, then I wouldn’t have to clip!


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