Publix Trip 1/26

I like to multi-task. I dont like clipping coupons. And my family loves Netflix. Im not a big tv fan, but I do like to watch movies. So, while me, my hubby and little guy watch a flix on tuesdays nights, I grab my computer and print print print and clip clip clip. It takes longer this way, especially when we are watching an interesting movie. But, I feel less like I have wasted time.  But isnt watching movies sort of wasting time? Oh. yeah.

But saving money doesnt waste time! Which is why I Love Publix! I have worked out a shopping list for the start of the new ad tomorrow.  I think getting these things for cheap is worth an hour or so watching a movie! Here is what I am planning on getting. Hopefully everything will be in stock!

—We didnt shop till after lunch, so that may have contributed to somethings I originally planned on purchasing being out of stock, and since it was after lunch we were in a bit of a hurry. Which is why I didn’t have time to take pics either. Wednesdays are busy days! But I think I still got a good deal, and got some some staples to donate to our church’s food pantry.

Kotex Pads $2.93 x 4

-4 x $2 Kotex (Publix coupon)

-2 x $2 Kotex

Profit: $0.28


Flinstones My First Flinstones (25 % off) $4.87

Flinstones Vitamens Extra Vitamen C or with Iron (25% off) $5.24 x 3

-4 x $2 Flinstones printable

-4 x $2 Flinstones (Publix coupon booklet)

Pay: $4.59

Soy Milk  $2.50

-$1 Soy Publix Coupon (Family Style Magazine)

-$1 Soy printable

Pay: $0.50


Frenchs Mustard $0.89 x 5

– 5 x $0.50 Frenchs Mustard printable

Profit: $0.55


Kraft BBQ Sauce 18 oz. $0.74 x 4

-2 x $1.00 off 2 Kraft BBQ Walgreens printable

-2 x $1.00 off 2 Kraft items Target printable

Profit: $1.04


Produce Items:

Cantaloupe $2.50

4 Pears (2 lbs) $1.29 per lbs ($2.58 total)

-$2 off $5 Produce Foodlion printable

Pay: $3.08

Total Before Coupons: $47.30

Use $5 off $25 CVS printable

Manufacture, Publix, and Competitor Coupons: $46.00

My total: $1.30

Thats around 5 cents for each item!

My receipt total was $3.51  ($2.21 tax!!!) so if figuring total with tax thats still a good deal at 15 cents per item


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