Leftover Turkey and Dumplings

Turkey and Dumplings

Turkey and Dumplings close up

Its been a long long time since I have had chicken and dumplings, or any dumplings for that matter. My Dad used to make these when I was younger. Sadly, I had since forgotten how he made them. So, using my trusty Google, I ran across a receipe on King Arthur website. Some people swear by the flour. I love baking, but consider my self a novice baker, and that may be because I am not using the best flour. Its a bit higher in cost, so the frugal in me keeps me from spending $2-3 more on a bag of flour.

My husband wanted some dumplings, like his mom makes. She uses bisquick for the dumplings. Well, bisquick is just something I do not keep around, because I think its cheaper and healthier to make things like that from scratch, like Jiffy Mix. So I needed to find something simillar in taste. I found the King Arthur recipe, and thought well I will give it a try.

But one problem. I am (almost) out of flour! Gasp! I guess I forgot that I used the last of my stash over the weekend. So I found that I did have self rising flour, which is what you use to make biscuits. So this is the modified recipe I had to use, based on what I have in my kitchen. Or should I say, what I didnt have in my kitchen, or forgot to add. I didnt take pictures of the steps, we have all been sick (hence the need for some comfort food) and I was just too tired.

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Leftover Turkey and Dumplings

Dumpling Mix:

1 3/4 cup Self Rising Flour

1/2 stick Land o Lakes sweet cream butter (4 tbsp)

1/2 cup sour cream

1/4 cup milk

Broth mixture:

1/2 stick Land o Lakes sweet cream butter (4 tbsp)

1/4 cup All purpose flour

Pepper to taste

Salt to taste (use very sparingly as broth and butter both have quite a bit of salt)

1 Bay leaf

1/4 tsp italian seasoning (oregeno, basil, thyme, etc mix)

4 cups chicken broth (I used College Inn Chicken broth, but you can use turkey stock from the turkey if you have it)

4 cups diced cooked turkey, white and dark meat

Step 1: Melt 1/2 stick butter in large sauce pan. Add 1/4 cup All Purpose Flour and mix with wisk till smooth and there are no lump. Cook for two minutes, stirring to keep from sticking. Mixture will be smooth and like a thick liquid.

Step 2: Stir in 4 cups of broth, 1/2 cup at a time, stirring after each 1/2 cup to make sure there are no lumps.

Step 3: Add pepper, italian seasoning, 1 bay leaf crumbled up. Add 4 cups diced cooked turkey.  Simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally to keep from sticking to pan.

Step 4: While broth mix is simmering prepare dumpling mix. Place 1 3/4 cup All Purpose Flour in a medium sized bowl. Slice 1/2 stick of butter into smaller pieces. Place butter in bowl with flour and cut in with a pastry blender or fork. To use a fork, place the back of the fork and mash the butter in to smaller pieces, stirring the flour to incorporate. Butter and flour mix should look crumbly, with butter chunks very small. Set aside till broth mixture is hot.

Step 5: Once broth mixture is hot and bubbly, finish dumpling mix. In a small bowl mix 1/2 cup sour cream and 1/4 cup milk till smooth. Add sour cream and milk mixture to center of flour and butter mixture. Stir just until flour is moist. Over mixing causes tough dumplings.

Step 6: Take a spoon and dip it in to the broth mixture to moisten. This will help the dumpling slide off of the spoon. Try to make the dumplings about the same size to enure even cooking. Take a spoonful of the dumpling mix, and with a second spoon, slide the dumpling off of the moistened spoon in to the broth mix. Continue adding dumplings to broth mix until there is no more room in the saucepan. Cover with a lid and continue to simmer for 20-25 minutes. Do not open lid, as dumplings cook from the steam.

You may need to add more broth, depending on how high of a temperature you cook your dumplings.

Makes 4 large servings or 6 small servings.

So yummy, couldn't wait for a photo finish


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