Pepperoni Rolls – A rare treat

Pepperoni rolls, homestyle

I grew up in WV, so to me, pepperoni rolls were nothing special. A few years ago, while on a visit back home, I fell in love with those italian treats all over again. Unfortunalty, it seems as thought you can only buy these tasty treats in West Virginia, and I am 500 miles away in South Carolina. So, if I need to satisfy my craving for pepperoni rolls, I either have to plan a vacation, or beg my sister to mail me some and hope that they are still fresh after being shipped.

My hobby of from scratch cooking led me to Chicken In The Road and her recipe for the West Virginia treat, Pepperoni Rolls!

I just made a batch and yum! While they are not exactly like the rolls Kroger sells, they are still very satistfying.

All it takes is flour, water, yeast, oil, salt, egg, pepperoni, cheese, and about 2 hours. I didnt fill mine with as much cheese, but, once I get my hands on some more turkey pepperoni (homemade recipe here), I am going to double stuff with a two cheese mixture of parmesean and mozzerella and maybe some light sauce too!

Cost summary:

Turkey Pepperoni $2.99 (ick!)

Flour $0.37 (1/4 of 5 lb bag, $1.50)

Mozzerella Cheese $0.50 (8 oz bag)

Parmesean Cheese $0 Free

Yeast, 1 packet $0.33

Egg $0.06

Oil 1/3 cup $0.06

Total cost $4.31

Kroger cost $4.99, so still a savings, for me anyway if you calculate shipping charges too.


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